I’m a woman making her way into Judaism. I’ve kept Shabbat for many many years. In fact, it’s one of the most intimate times I spend with HaShem.

I’m starting to learn about the Cycle of the Year with the many holidays. My favourite holidays so far are Sukkot, Tu B’ Shevat  and of course Rosh Hashanah. However, Shabbat is the most special for me because I light the candles and take as much time as I want to talk with HaShem.

In the Fall I will start a year of study with my local Temple and Rabbi in order to become Jewish after I pass the Beit Din.

I adore and support Israel and have since I was a young girl. To me it seemed the best place in the world to live. I always imagine myself picking fruit in an orchard and eating it right there under the trees, especially oranges. תַּפּוּז

I welcome any and all friends of Israel and my soon to be brothers and sisters in Judaism on this blog. I will not tolerate a single ounce of antisemitism nor am I going to be anyone’s personal researcher on Israeli politics as it relates to the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. This is a pro-Israel space.



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