I’m really happy I decided to convert Reform. I feel it’s an open environment where any question is OK. When my Rabbi talks about the Torah being in complete harmony with evolution, I am thrilled. My Rabbi is so open minded and is teaching us that it’s OK to question everything.

Also, as a woman, I feel welcome there. There’s an entire book that is female oriented commentary on the Torah. It’s an expensive book but one I must save up for. Here’s the link to it.

Being a woman in Reform means I can contribute and participate fully. I can wear tallitot if I want and a Kippah. I will be treated equally in all cases. Which reminds me: Anat Hoffman was arrested yet again in Israel for trying to pray at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh. She was roughed up by the police. This is the hold the Orthodoxy has in Israel and it’s pathetic. People are already anti-Semitic enough and when they see this kind of thing going on in Israel they think ALL Jews are like this. Then it gives them another reason to hate us.

I have a friend who is Orthodox and he has problems with women being equal to men. He has this understanding of what a woman’s ROLE is. I find it hard to talk to him sometimes. I don’t even think he believes the stuff he’s promoting but it’s rote memory. I do think that with me around he does question whether he should remain an Orthodox convert.

So I am using the lending library at my shul and I got an excellent loan book today called Why Faith Matters by Rabbi David J. Wolpe. Link I think I’m going to make some videos after reading this book about atheism and its complete misunderstanding of religion, faith and HaShem. There’s a great parable in the beginning of the chapter about Science and Religion. It goes like this:

A thousand years from now when scientists have solved all the questions that plague humanity, they are finally ready for the ultimate challenge. they elect a representative to address God.

“God,” says the scientist in charge. “You are no longer needed. You served a function in your day but that day is gone. We can do everything that You can do, so goodbye.”

There is a moment of silence. Then a voice booms out of the sky: “Everything?”

“Yes,” answers the scientist.

“Can you make a human being from dust?”


“OK,” says God, “let me see you make a human being.”

The scientist reaches down and digs his hands into the earth.

“Oh, no,” says God, “get your own dust.”


That alone would make an atheist cry. Not that I want to see atheists cry but some of them attack people of faith for no other reason than they assume they’re a soft target. Most of the attacking is done just for fun so others will laugh at the creationist.

I’m not a shrinking violet so I’m sure I’ll have some videos lined up when I’m done reading this.

So far we’ve learned 6 consonants and 2 vowel sounds in Hebrew class. I feel ahead of everyone else. There are some who don’t study and it takes up a lot of time. Someone actually tried to use the excuse that they spoke a romance language. I was like ‘how does that matter?’ I mean, I speak English and I have to learn this completely new language so what does speaking a different language have to do with it?

Otherwise, class is going good. 

I just asked my Jewish friends whether they think Judaism is about free will or determinism? I said free will but my Rabbi said a mixture of both, which I agree with, but Judaism is about free will. We must take responsibility if we are to carry out our duties to help the world.